I need to bake, but can’t seem to get motivated or decide what to make. Do I turn very ripe bananas into banana bread or banana walnut cupcakes with maple frosting. Or do I make a mini hazelnut torte cupcakes, half with espresso frosting and half with raspberry frosting. Do I throw all caution to the wind and make some sort of macaron. There is always the good ole standby: peanut butter cookies. Or do I get some laundry done and save the baking for another day. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. 

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Shaunny Oliwek

I am thinking baking of banana bread and do laundry . not together though!


Totally skip the laundry and make a (non-dairy) banana maple smoothie with an espresso drizzle because it's so stinking hot! (I've never heard of this particular smoothie, but I bet you could create one!)