The Science of Cooking

I am a bit of a nerd. Yes, I am. Science fascinates me and it always has. Lots of scientific fun can be found in the kitchen. Every time you cook or bake it’s one big chemical reaction. So, I was pretty excited when I found the book, On Food and Cooking:The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee. It’s quite a large book and I haven’t gotten very far, but it’s quite fascinating. I am really hoping that I can find even better ways to cook without dairy by knowing more about how different ingredients react to various methods of cooking and how they react and interact with other. Most of the time it’s a straightforward substitution, but occasionally it takes some creative experimentation. As I read through this tome, I will share with you all some of the tips and bits of information that I think could be helpful and/or interesting.
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