December 2013

Irish Beef Stew

Cold, rainy weather and nice hot stew pretty much belong together. While the sun is shining today, it was cold, wet, and dreary yesterday when Mike asked for my Beef Stew. I grew up eating beef stew in the fall and winter. Several years ago, Mike and I spent 11 wonderful days in Ireland. Those …

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Christmas Tree Decorating

There really is something magical about a Christmas tree. When I was little, I would sneak downstairs every year after Santa had come and everyone was asleep. I would turn on the tree and just sit there and stare at the tree. I still do it. In that moment of silence, you can still believe …

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Dark Chocolate Fudge

Now that I have found dairy free chocolate and cocoa powder, I LOVE making all things chocolate. I have been messing around for the past week with a fudge recipe. Making things like fudge can be a little tricky. Usually they call for cream or milk, which thicken when you cook them. It’s the casein …

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