Christmas Tree Decorating

There really is something magical about a Christmas tree. When I was little, I would sneak downstairs every year after Santa had come and everyone was asleep. I would turn on the tree and just sit there and stare at the tree. I still do it. In that moment of silence, you can still believe in Santa. 
I love decorating for Christmas. The lights, the ornaments, trees, greenery, the cookies; they all make me happy. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my tree over the years and I have decided to share some of my decorating secrets with you. Whether you have to perfect tree or one that is a little lopsided and/or has some gaps, these tricks will help make your tree beautiful. What type and color of lights and ornaments does not matter.

First you need a tree. Size doesn’t matter. We have 2, a very full, huge 9ft tree and a 4ft tree.  
Next, you need a lot of lights. Whatever lights you like: white, colored, mini bulbs, large old-fashioned bulbs, single colored bulbs (i.e. all blue, all red). Start at the bottom of the tree. Choose a branch and starting at the trunk of the tree, wrap each branch with lights. Once you get to the tip of the branch go the next branch and do the same thing starting at the trunk of the tree. Work your way around and up the tree. If you’re using a lighted topper, put it on now.
Now it’s time for the ornaments. If you have a lot of gaps or large gaps in your tree, take plain and/or old ornaments and place them inside the tree. If you have large and small hooks, use them both to help fill in the gaps. Place them on the branches all the way in next to the trunk and work your way out. If your tree is high (and I mean 2 or more feet) off the ground, you can hang ornaments under the tree. Make sure you still have room for presents. Then decorate the outside of the tree.  Last, but not least, now is the time to put your garland or icicles on the tree. I like putting glass icicles and fake (and some real) crystal ornaments on the outside. You can even get packages of crystals for crystal chandeliers at Lowes or Home Depot for about $10 for a pack of 10. Don’t quote me on the price though. It’s been several years since I bought some.
Our large tree has a very wide base and I couldn’t find a tree skirt large enough. So, I got a large round red tablecloth. We made a slit up to the center, added Velcro on the slit and we had an inexpensive tree skirt that fit our tree. 
Regardless of how your tree is decorated, it will beautiful and uniquely yours.