Random Thoughts Pt. 4

Last weekend, we had some very good friends over for dinner. I made the Lahori Chicken and Potato Curry with rice and a lemon almond tart (recipe to come). I had a major moment of panic while cooking the chicken.  My nose was lightly stuffy, so I really couldn’t smell very well. Once I put the spices in the with the onions the smell usually envelopes me. It did this time and I was worried that there was something wrong. Then I did something that I have never done with this dish, I tasted the sauce right after I pureed it, but before it was finished BIG mistake! It did NOT taste anything like it was suppose to taste like. It was so very bitter, not exactly what you want to serve dinner guests. Thank goodness I didn’t throw it out. By the time it was done, it was just as it was suppose to be.  Yay! More importantly we had a great time with great friends.
This winter has been a crazy winter for being sick in our family. Maddie got some nasty respiratory bug that lasted for several weeks and then something else. Then I came down with the same damn virus. It lasted for 6 weeks. It just lingered on and on. Then I got another bug, then Mike, then Maddie and then back to me. I’ve spent the first 3 days of last week with a fever over 100F. Not fun! I am so ready for all of this sickness to be over with.  I think I am finally on the mend.
I have been working on my photography and teaching myself Photoshop via YouTube.  I have some photographic projects planned. As soon I they are done, I will share them with you all. 
Coming soon: Chocolate Pillow Brownies, Lemon Almond Tart, Dairy Free Cheesecake
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Loved the chicken- will be trying it out sooooon!