Random Thoughts Pt. 6

This is a post is a shout out to several of my friends and their blogs, pages, and businesses. Check them out when you get a chance. I get nothing from sharing this info and these link other than knowing that I am sharing their awesomeness with you all.
Writing a blog is an easy thing for some people and for others it takes much more effort.  For me, creating recipes and putzing around in the kitchen come much more easily than writing. Even when I was in school, I hated the page/word requirement that teachers and professors often put on a writing assignment. I would usually struggle to meet said requirements. It was so frustrating because I could say want I needed to say in fewer words.  I have a friend is a writer by trade and she has this amazing, funny, witty, and moving blog about her experience as a mom with two special needs children. Under her blog title she refers to herself as a “not-so-special mom” and I beg to differ. She is an amazing mom and friend! When you have a moment, head over to her blog and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Unexceptional Parenting 
Many kids will eventually attempt to climb out of their cribs and at some point they will be successful in their endeavor. My very creative friend came up with a way to keep her daughter in her crib without impeding her mobility. She recently has become aware of someone who has copied her work and not only that, but created an Etsy shop and copied and pasted her story as well. Check out my friend’s shop. She makes a quality product. The Naughty Monkey
As we transition into fall, our thoughts start to think about the upcoming holidays. Check out Made by Katy Craftsfor fun, affordable jewelry. She even does custom pieces. If you have a friend or family member who has a chronic illness or lives in chronic pain, she has spoon necklaces that represent the Spoon Theory.
For those of you who live in the Charleston, SC area or if you are visiting Charleston, SC, check out Jody Mack Photography. She is an amazing photographer. She’s great a catching those natural moments where everyone looks at ease. The picture of me in the “About Me” section was taking by her. It is one my favorite pictures of me.