Hot Chocolate (dairy free)

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It took me a while to get this right. Hot chocolate, even instant, has a consistency that it really needs to have to feel like you’re drinking hot chocolate. I originally started out using rice milk and I was never quite satisfied with the results. It wasn’t until I tried the Ripple Half & Half did it taste and feel like real hot chocolate. Feel free to use less or more sugar to get it to your liking. I highly recommend adding the coffee extract or espresso powder. It really enhances the chocolate flavor. That’s why I almost always use it whenever I make something chocolate.

     NOTE: I receive no compensation for mentioning a specific product. I find I get the best results with these products and I want you to be able to achieve the same results.
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Hi sorry, to post about this here – but I have a question about the fleischmann’s margarine that you used for the buttercream recipe. I have noticed that the box says “65% spread” I wonder if it always said this, whether this is what you used, or if you really used the margarine version? (which I cannot seem to find anywhere anymore!)

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